Faster Flow, Safer Care - Breaking the Cycle Week Day 8

Wednesday 22 April 2015

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Some people have been a flagging a bit over the last few days as it has been tough, but we definitely have lots to celebrate today and so I made sure that the de brief I led at 5pm most definitely had a celebratory theme!  Everyone has done an amazing job today and for the first time in a long time we are going into the evening with 16 beds available in medicine, which will have a really positive impact on how we move patients through the Hospital. We also have 12 beds in Paediatrics.  One of the issues we have been dealing with for while is having additonal, or to use the NHS term escalated, emergency medicine beds open on our surgical and trauma and orthopaedics wards.  Today we have managed to 'descalate' five beds in surgery and four each on our orthopaedic and gynaecology wards.  We are also on track to meet the A&E target for today and today's performance will really help our overall position this week.

During Breaking the Cycle we have been concentrating on identifying our 'Golden' patients every day.  Golden patients are the patients we identify for discharge the next morning and we then concentrate on getting everything ready to make that happen - prescriptions to take home, transport and if needed care packages and equipment. By 2pm today we had seven golden patients identified and the plan is for them to be discharged by 10am tomorrow morning.  

The thing that has stood out for me this week is how great the engagement has been across the whole organisation. There has been lots of positive feelings about things getting better and we now have the hard figures to show that we have made loads of progress in improving patient flow and experience.  I am really confident we can carry on with this and make some permanent, positive changes. But our short term goals for the end of the week are to continue to identify our golden patients and close all the escalation beds on our orthopaedic ward.  This will all help to set us up for the weekend and beyond.   

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