Faster Flow, Safer Care - Breaking the Cycle Week Day 5

Sunday 19 April 2015

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What has been great across the last five days for me is that I have really felt that everyone is working so well as a team. People are being really positive and much more proactive. You can tell because of the changes the team has made that the experience is improving for patients in A&E. I have also noticed that the wards are working well with each other and the Ward Liaison Officers we have on every ward throughout Breaking the Cycle are brilliant and making a difference to the ward teams by sorting out lots of issues and helping to escalate issues if they can't fix them themselves.  

I'm glad that we have run Breaking the Cycle over the weekend as the way the Hospital is run, and also how it feels, is very different to during the week. But the pressure is often still the same as in the week. I've really noticed that by having different specialties on site doing reviews we have been able to move patients more quickly through the system. For example, we were able to discharge five patients yesterday because we had a cardiologist on site who could review and discharge them. But Sunday always feels different and is normally our slowest day.  However, today we managed to discharge six patients before 10am. This is a very rare event and we are normally lucky if we get six patients home in a whole day on a Sunday so the changes are working.  We've had two additional Consultants on the Acute Assessment Unit and this has had a massive impact. 

It has also been  really good for the senior team to see the small,and often silly, obstacles we face to get things done. 

I hope we can continue with the postiveness that I am now feeling across the Hospital beyond the end of Breaking the Cycle as it is great to see and everyone needs to be praised for what we have all achieved.



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