Faster Flow, Safer Care - Breaking the Cycle Week Day 4

Saturday 18 April 2015

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Cardiology is one of the three services I manage and the team has introduced a ward round first thing in the morning to review the 'golden patients' that are going home that day. Golden patients is an initiative the Hospital has been implementing over the last few months and every ward needs to identify at least two golden patients a day who will be ready for discharge early the next day. This means we can make sure that everything is ready for them to go home such as an prescriptions that they need to take home with them. And well done to our Cardiology Clinical Director Tapesh Pakrashi who was the day 2 Flow Champion! 


To make it easier to see who is ready to go home, all of our wards now have Discharge boards.  I'm pleased to say that Hamble ward, Respiratory, has one of the best. The board includes what needs to be organised for the patient to go home e.g. medicines and social services and everyone on the ward can quickly see who is being discharged. It is acting a great visual aid for helping to speed up discharges.  The other service I manage is respiratory and the team are working closely with the Acute Assessment Unit to get their patients admitted onto their specialist ward as quickly as possible, which means we get our patients in the right place to look after them. 

Going back to cardiology, I am really pleased to see that the diagnostic team, in addition to their outpatient clinic, are in today providing echocardiograms and 24 hour tape tests for inpatients and analysis - another way of getting patients diagnosed and care agreed quicker.  

But beyond my services, what I have noticed so far this week is that everyone across the hospital is pulling together and working as one big team with the same goal.  I've really seen that everyone wants to make things better for patients and make long lasting changes. One of the best aspects of Breaking the Cycle has been the Ward Liaison Officers who are there to sort out any issues that hold up discharge or are affecting staff's ability to care for patients. So like Louise mentioned yesterday, there have been things that needed fixing and have got sorted this week by pushing a bit harder. All these small changes are also noticeably improving everyone's mood. One of our biggest issues is recruitment and retention and seeing our staff happier and more enthusiastic when they see positive progress being made can only help with that. I've worked here for many years and have always thought it was a happy place to work and one of our selling points.  

In addition to being happy, I am feeling liberated by having most of my meetings cancelled for ten days! I've been out and about talking to staff and patients and getting some work done - I have suggested we cancel meetings periodically as I am definitely feeling more refreshed! 

And to show we are a diverse team at Kingston - Go Villa! From Alfie (My son)

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