Faster Flow, Safer Care - Breaking the Cycle Week Day 2

Thursday 16 April 2015

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So we’re nearly at the end of day 2 of 10 days of Breaking the Cycle and we’ve learnt a huge amount already and I’ve seen for myself how some very small changes are making a difference.  I have also noticed a real 'buzz' about the place as people get into the week. In A&E the new triage system launched at 9am yesterday is working well and helping to speed up flow through the department.  They have moved triage into minors so that patients are being seen by a nurse very quickly. I also chatted to one of the nurses in A&E about how it was going and he told me that he ‘loves change’ – so obviously this week is right up his street! 

One of the main issues we are using this 10 days to look at is where our delays and blockages are in the system and what has concerned me for a while is moving patients around the hospital late in the evening.  When I was up on the Acute Assessment Unit at 7 last night there was only one patient still waiting to be transferred to a ward – this is already a major improvement and means that patients are settled properly on a ward earlier in the day and not waiting and worrying  into the evening about when they will be moved.  This only happened because patients were discharged earlier in the day and shows how well the inpatient ward teams have responded to the challenge of early in the day discharge and getting beds free.

So back to the small changes that are making a difference.  Astor ward has changed how they handover in the mornings and cut out the initial handover meeting in the office and now do all of it as they go through the ward – this has given them an hour back in the morning, meaning that breakfast is getting out earlier and they are getting patients ready for discharge earlier – well done Astor!

One thing we like to do in this Hospital is celebrate the good stuff and every day during Breaking the Cycle we will have a daily ‘Flow Champion’ and our winner from yesterday is Peter Donohue who normally works with the CRS team, but did a fantastic job as the Ward Liaison Officer on AAU.  I surprised him earlier with his award and I’m looking forward to dishing out some more. Roll on day 3!

Peter Donohue award

 Peter receiving his award 

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