Faster Flow, Safer Care - Breaking the Cycle Week Day 6

Monday 20 April 2015

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I was hijacked by the Communications Team to do today’s blog and if I’m honest I was lost for words, which is unusual for me,  so where do I start?  As I’m writing this I was asked to think about the Ward Liaison Officer role we have for this week and whether I thought it was having a positive impact on Breaking the Cycle, I hope it is.  Both ward sisters have thanked me for my help, “You being here has helped us care for our patients.” 

My days are very busy and my colleagues on the ward ask me to do many things to help them. It’s non-stop but I am enjoying it.  I hope my help has contributed to safer care for patients on Blythe and Hamble wards. 

My tasks/jobs are never the same – I am back and forth to Pharmacy to pick up drugs for the patients,  I’m on the phone a lot especially  to the ISS helpdesk arranging porters to collect test results, bring up equipment and finding chairs for relatives.  I have found denture fix cream and hair bands for patients to help during their time on the wards and united patients with their slippers and possessions… 

I have lots of face to face contact with patients’ families and external agencies to help get our patients home safely.  I have been getting nursing homes to come into the hospital to assess their residents to look at speeding up their discharge if they are ready to leave hospital.  I have also just been talking to social services in inner London and managed to get an out of borough patient home which I have been told is a huge challenge for the nurses. 

Sister Katherine has just identified a golden patient for tomorrow (which means they are ready for discharge by 10am) it’s going to be a challenge but let’s see if we can do it.  I have to get their warfarin sorted so need to talk to Anti-Coagulation, arrange patient transport and at the same time one of the lovely nurses is despairing as the bladder scanner is not working and she needs to do a bladder scan but the Equipment Library closed half an hour ago – how am I going to fix this one!!!!!

I’m back on Hamble tomorrow…Day 6 here I come.






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