Kingston Hospital’s ‘Outstanding’ Staff Awards 2018

Caring Category

Patients Choice

Runner up – Keats Ward Therapy Team

The Keats Ward Therapy Team were nominated by a patient’s wife for looking after her husband after a brain haemorrhage. They worked with the patient for six weeks, teaching him to walk, speak and regain all the functions he needed to return home. Thanks to the team’s dedication, good humour, understanding and extreme professionalism the patient regained his independence and was able to enjoy life again.

Winner – Bronte Ward

The whole of Bronte were nominated by a patient who stayed on the ward. He commended every single member of the team he came into contact with for their five-star care, professionalism and respect. They are a highly motivated team who create a positive, welcoming atmosphere for their patients and always go the extra mile to make sure they are reassured and supported. This patient said that Bronte are a credit to the hospital.  

Caring Colleague

Runner up – Carmel Oliver, Team Leader, Postnatal & Transitional Care

Carmel is extremely caring to all her patients and colleagues. She supports her staff, both newly qualified and long term, through new guidelines, innovations and changes and treats all her colleagues equally, whether they be midwives, support staff, housekeepers or domestics. Carmel is somewhat of a ‘mother’ figure in her team and is always found helping someone. She is always cheerful and 100% reliable.

Winner – Justyna Daniluk, Physiotherapy Technician

Justyna received five different nominations in this category for always being extremely caring, especially to new members of staff. She is incredibly supportive and always looks out for the welfare of her colleagues, going the extra mile to ensure Kingston is an enjoyable place to work. Justyna makes everyone feel welcome and is always willing to help. She willingly takes on tasks that aren’t routinely her responsibility to make things easier for others and is always quick to notice if someone needs additional support.      

Safe Category

Patient Safety Individual Award

Runner Up - Ritti Desai

Ritti strives to ensure the highest level of medicines safety for Clinical Haematology patients. She has improved safety for inpatient, day case and outpatients receiving chemotherapy as an expert user for the chemotherapy electronic prescribing system IQemo and by her commitment to medicines safety. Ritti is an invaluable asset to the department, she is astute and meticulous and is very dedicated to her role. This is reflected in the reduction of the number of medicines incidents reported in Clinical Haematology from twenty in 17/18 to six in the first six months of 18/19.

Unfortunately Ritti couldn't be at the awards ceremony as she was in New Zealand so Gill Eyers kindly accepted the award on Ritti's behalf.

Winner – Jamie Ayliffe, Patient Access Manager

Jamie was responsible for managing the changes needed to ensure that all first referrals from a GP to a consultant-led outpatient appointment were received via the NHS e-Referral Service. He robustly protected the safety of our patients by testing proposed changes to referral workflows. Jamie’s commitment to maintaining patient safety in our hospital is unwavering, even when challenged by senior NHS managers from outside of our hospital. He is a safety champion.

Patient Safety Team Award

Runner up – Cancer Performance Team – Sarah Evans, Nichola Kane & Paul Nicholas

The Cancer Performance team have demonstrated a high level of dedication and commitment to every single patient who has a potential cancer diagnosis. They are relentless in their pursuit to get the right outcomes for their patients and demonstrate a can-do attitude. This team put patient safety at the heart of everything they do.

Winner – Intensive Care Nursing Team

Patient safety is always the top priority for this team of nurses. Despite working in an extremely stressful department, the Intensive Care Nursing Team exhibit quick thinking and grace under pressure; key components of ensuring a high level of patient safety. They take their audits and incident reporting very seriously, having regular development meetings, where they discuss responses to incidents, near-misses and patient feedback. They are also constantly looking at how they can improve safety.

Responsible Category

Innovation, Improvement & Sustainability Award

Runner up – Charlotte Masterton-Smith, Chief Registrar in Medicine

Charlotte was very keen to be involved in streamlining the pathway for patients admitted to acute medicine, after it was identified that patients frequently have prolonged waiting times, due to the need to be seen by a senior doctor. Charlotte championed a ‘single doctor’ pilot, where medical patients are only checked once, with a 50% reduction in medical junior clerking. She led this efficiency improvement, which has made a big difference to patients.    

Winner – Maternity Research Team

The Maternity Research Team have provided access to research for 624 pregnant women since April 2017 and are the highest recruiting team in Kingston for health research. The team have embedded research into the department by creating accessibility and enlisting midwife principle investigators to help with development, something which has been adapted by other South London sites. The team are leading the way in research and our pregnant women are benefiting as a result.

Change Champion

Runner up – Ana Gutierrez-Larrainzar, Frailty Consultant

Ana is leading the changes needed in the AAU Frailty Unit to ensure frail patients are safely discharged in 48 hours, improving the patient journey and preventing long hospital admissions. She has strived to provide the best possible outcomes for patients and always does this with a smile. Ana’s work has enabled the team on AAU team to achieve changes that are vital to Kingston and this group of patients.

Winner – Justine Sweet, Head of Audiology

Justine is always looking to make positive changes to improve services and ensuring the best care for patients. Her drive and passion to continuously seek out improvements and innovative ideas inspire those around her to follow her lead and she is always encouraging and supporting her teams to make progressive changes. Justine is truly a change champion.


Compassion & Respect – Individual Award

Runner up – Tracey Moore, Associate Director, Unplanned Care

Tracey regularly displays a high level of compassion and empathy which always ensures the respect of all her colleagues. Despite being in a very senior position Tracey is personally understanding of every single member of staff she works with. One colleague said that Tracey’s empathy helped her so much; it was the only thing that led her to keep going on a difficult day. She has a positive impact on everyone she works with.  

Winner – Ria Parry, Team Leader, Occupational Therapy

Ria consistently demonstrates compassion and respect for her colleagues and champions those from ethnic minorities. If members of her team are feeling down, she does whatever she can to make them feel better; even making them a cup of tea and listening to their worries. She is always calm and has a calming effect on those around her and makes everyone feel important and valued. Ria’s colleagues say she is a pleasure to work with and a real gem.

Compassion & Respect – Team Award

Runner up – Sonographers

The Sonographers worked hard to consolidate their team approach to care for patients with suspected DVT. They have created a culture of Shared learning within the team and have enhanced and individualised patient care. They treat clinical scenarios with compassion and a respectful understanding of the need to achieve the best overall outcome for patients. Every member of this team is 100% professional, approachable and caring at all times.

Winner – Wolverton Centre

The Wolverton Centre team have supported each other superbly throughout a particularly challenging year. They changed their service hours, having to open earlier and run late night clinics, resulting in the majority of staff having to completely change their working hours. The team have been flexible and professional throughout this period, ensuring the service could develop and improve. Everyone in The Wolverton Centre team is consistently positive and always put their patients first and support each other along the way.                


Mentor of the Year

Runner up – Sally El-Sayeh

Sally joined the Trust as a junior Consultant a year ago and immediately became actively involved in mentoring junior doctors. She took over their teaching programme and mentorship and never shied away from challenges. She identified a need to celebrate good work more, implementing an initiative where members of the team report good behaviour and share it so the team can learn from positive things and not only adverse events.

Winner – Caroline Ellis, Clinical Practice Facilitator

Caroline has made a big impact on the learning experience for students and has become an excellent and enthusiastic mentor. She frequently meets with students to ensure they are making progress and maximising their learning potential, role modelling the importance of life-long learning. Caroline is responsive to the individual and unique needs of learners, providing practical and emotional support.

Leading by Example, The Michael Jennings Award

Runner up – Teody Binas, Elderly Care Matron

Teody leads by example in his role as Elderly Care matron by supporting and motivating his team to deliver the highest level of patient care. He is always available to support and guide his staff, setting expectations and helping the team to achieve them. Teody’s positive, caring attitude towards patients is an example to all the nursing staff he oversees.        

Winner – Katherine Nagle, Senior Sister, Hamble Ward

Katherine received six separate nominations for this award. She is a steady leader who has led her staff through some highly challenging times, while always ensuring that patients are well cared for and safe. Her colleagues say she is the heart and soul of Hamble ward, and has developed an incredible sense of community and team working across all levels and disciplines within her team. Katherine pursues excellence in all she does and listens to every one of her colleagues. She always has a ‘can do’ attitude and truly leads her team by example.


Kingston Hospital Charity Award

Winner – Ride London team

This team literally went the extra mile in this year’s Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100, raising nearly £5,000 between them, considerably more than the £500 target asked of each cyclist. Bettina Berknov and Geoffrey Whitby, with the support of the audiology, department raised £1,170 towards the Tinnitus Support Group. Adrian Fawcett, consultant, with his son Timothy, raised £1,646. Alfred Banya, assistant chaplain, raised an impressive £1,218 for spirituality and wellbeing, with the support of the chaplaincy department, patients and families; and Emma Ashley, PhD student, raised £800 in support of research at Kingston Hospital in her 3rd consecutive year cycling for Kingston Hospital Charity.


Runner up – Clare Bush, Paediatric Play Specialist

Clare’s role as Play Specialist often goes under the radar, but she is an absolute asset to the paediatric department. She is caring, comforting, and enables our young patients to overcome frightening situations using her sense of humour, kindness and calmness to turn a potentially traumatic event into something fun and memorable. Children will remember this positive association for future admissions. Paediatrics say they are very proud to have Clare as part of their team.


Winner – Linda O’Toole, Secretary, Anaesthetics

Linda received a massive 20 different nominations for this award. She is the heart and soul of the anaesthetics department and makes an enormous difference to the atmosphere of her department and the service it provides. Her team say that they couldn’t function without her. Linda is reliable, passionate and committed to her role of managing 33 consultants and 29 junior doctors. They all say that she is absolute star and they would be lost without her.  

Rising Star 2018

Runner up – Daisy Battles, High cost drugs coordinator

Daisy has a unique role in Pharmacy working between clinical teams and commissioners. She understands their requirements and uses her excellent communication skills to facilitate patients receiving high cost drugs in a timely manner. She works to a high standard, provides invaluable support to the clinical teams and is well respected. Daisy is ambitious and takes opportunities whenever they arise. She has volunteered to be the chairperson of the new Health and Safety Group in Pharmacy and has successfully led and engaged the group.

Winner – India McKenley, Research Apprentice

India joined the Research team in September 2017 as a part of her business apprenticeship and has developed and blossomed past all expectations. She has broken out of her shell, learning very quickly about all clinical specialties and is undisputedly the backbone of the Trust’s busy research team. Her commitment and passion is the reason we can support patients as she keeps our systems running effectively. India’s ability to engage and interact with other teams is impressive and she was responsible for the huge success of the Research Seminar.

Outstanding Staff Member 2018

Runner up – Debbie Gibbs, Housekeeper

Debbie is described as a ‘rare gem stone’. She goes above and beyond her role every day. She is always professional, has an exceptional work ethic, is a fantastic team player and she is always smiling. On top of all this she supports Momentum Children's Charity not only on the ward but particularly their Oncology Garden, for children who are admitted if they are neutropenic. She cares for the garden without being asked. There is nothing that Debbie will not do for any member of staff or patient. She is caring, loving and an asset to the paediatric department. When you need something, Debbie is always on hand!

Winner – Shaun Kidd, EPR Manager

Shaun is a fantastic team player who goes out of his way to support other members of the team. He quietly focuses on getting the job done with minimum fuss, often going the extra mile to get priority pieces of work over the line. He enjoys his work and is focused on helping staff to deliver excellent patient care. He has been invaluable in designing and changing numerous aspects of the IT system to improve the functionality and enhance patient care. Shaun is an exceptional member of staff; always helpful, always visible, always looking to support nurses and doctors to care for patients. He is the face of IT out in the wards and clinical areas and he is a positive asset to the Trust.

Outstanding Team 2018

Runner up – Occupational Therapy Team

The Occupational Therapy Team work tirelessly for their patients and their commitment to managing patient care and their integral role in discharging patients is paramount. They are responsible for maintaining relationships with family members, external services and upholding the reputation and values of the organisation which they do really well. The OT team embrace all the Trust values and are a great example of a team that works well.

Winner – Derwent Ward

Derwent Ward work extremely well together as a team. Through multi-disciplinary working and new innovations, discharges have improved massively. Patients for discharge are identified in a timely manner and all their needs are facilitated. The ward has devised a checklist to help assist the Nurse In-charge for patients being discharged, which helps improve patient safety and patient flow, and increases the day to day discharges on the ward. All the ward staff on Derwent work as a team with a positive attitude. They are cheerful, optimistic and have a caring attitude to each other as well as their patients and create a positive environment to work in even though sometimes it can be very busy and challenging. They work hard to execute the Trust's values and ethos throughout their days and nights.

Chief Executive’s Award

Joint Winner – Stella Davey, ED Matron

Stella received seven different nominations in total. She has had an enormous impact on the Emergency Department team since becoming matron and her care and leadership are second to none. Many of her colleagues believe that Stella’s influence has directly led to the team’s commendations from the CQC. She is professional, compassionate and dedicated in everything she does and goes above and beyond in her role to provide outstanding clinical care and support to patients whilst being a responsible, resourceful and conscientious leader.  

Joint Winner – Lindy-Lee Folscher, ED Clinical Director

Lindy-Lee also received multiple nominations and has had an equally important impact on the leadership of the Emergency Department team, from a clinical director perspective. She works tirelessly to create a positive learning and caring culture within the department and is always keen to take on new suggestions and look at different ways of working to improve patient care. Lindy is a true inspiration to everyone and she values every team member’s contribution.

Chairman’s Award

Joint Winner – The Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team have won this special award for their commitment to demonstrating respect and dignity for all people: patients, staff, volunteers and all those involved in the daily life of Kingston Hospital no matter the time of day. They have a strong determination to offer patients sensitive spiritual care alongside their medical care and they listen, reflect and respond with professionalism and a compassionate attitude. The Chaplaincy Team have revolutionised their focus to allow it to be available and embraced by those of any religion or none (whatever their culture and background), enabling a more profound sense of holistic care. Their presence is felt by everyone at the Trust.        

Joint Winner – Pauline Woods, Born Too Soon

Pauline is equally deserving of this special award, having been instrumental in the running of the Neonatal Unit for 30 years. She has provided consistent and invaluable support, love and care to the parents and families of premature babies at the hardest and most distressing time in their lives. She has raised over £3million via Born Too Soon, which in turn has provided the unit with the most up-to-date equipment, and has dedicated her life to those under her care. Pauline has been at the heart of the neonatal unit for so many years and staff and patients alike are filled with overwhelming and everlasting gratitude. She will be greatly missed on her retirement at the end of this year.

Aspire to Excellence Award

Winner – Emergency Department Team

With the help of colleagues from all areas of the Trust, the Emergency Department have done an outstanding job this past year. Throughout all the changes that have taken place, including the opening of the new Urgent Treatment Centre and the extension of Majors and Resus, they have never compromised on urgent patient care. This has been a real feat of leadership, organisation, flexibility and team work, all of which the ED Team excel at on a daily basis. They have made improvements in their teaching programme, creating a dedicated training space; designed a new rota to improve work-life balance and introduced new recruitment strategies, creating an improved workforce. The new ED Resus team started in January, the same week the new Resus opened in ED, and have shown excellence in making improvements to this environment for our sickest patients. The whole ED team has shown huge commitment and go above and beyond each and every day for their patients.

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