New ‘wobble room’ for Kingston Hospital staff

17 April 2020

Staff in Kingston Hospital’s physiotherapy department have set up a ‘wobble room’ to support staff at work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wobble rooms have begun popping up in the NHS to give busy staff a place to go to share their worries, say it out, have a little cry, or just sit quietly.

The hospital’s health and wellbeing chaplain, Diana Steadman has begun running sessions in the room for staff to join her and talk about what is on their mind. She says: “Talking about your thoughts and feelings is the best way to help manage this fast changing situation and we can make more sense together. I hope these wobble rooms help staff know they need never feel alone with difficulties or distress and it’s quite normal to have strong emotions in these disorientating times.”

A group of local residents from Surbiton have added a little bit of their own creative magic to Kingston Hospital’s ‘wobble room’ by sending in their rainbow pictures.

Kath Thacker, physiotherapist, who organised the room says: “I asked people living on my road in Surbiton to help me decorate the room, and was overwhelmed with the beautiful paintings and drawings that kept appearing in my porch! A big thank you to all the children and others who have contributed to making our ‘wobble room’ so colourful and a lovely place to have some time out.”

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