National recognition for Kingston Hospital’s Maternity Service

6 February 2020

The results of the latest survey of maternity services in England shows care and performance at Kingston Hospital’s Maternity Unit as consistently good.

The survey was carried out by Picker on behalf of the Care Quality Commission who use the results to inform their regulation, monitoring and inspection of hospital trusts in England. Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is currently rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.

Picker’s assessment was informed by nearly 200 responses from women who gave birth in Kingston last February.

The survey highlighted a number of positive aspects of patients’ experiences, including:

  • 98% women reported being treated with respect and dignity
  • 98% treated with kindness and understanding
  • 96% women had trust and confidence in staff (during labour and birth)
  • 94% involved enough in decisions about their care (during labour and birth)
  • 99% had enough time to ask questions during antenatal check-ups
  • 97% had skin to skin contact with baby shortly after birth
  • 97% given the help needed by midwives after the baby’s birth
  • 99% felt midwives listened to them
  • 98% had confidence and trust in midwives
  • 98% found antenatal classes or courses useful

Gina Brockwell, Director of Midwifery at Kingston Hospital said: “We are pleased that the excellent care we provide is reflected positively in this latest survey. In particular we’re pleased that the efforts we make to support skin to skin contact between the mother and her baby have been recognised. Skin to skin is important in helping form a bond and attachment and in addition research has shown that it aids brain development in new-born babies.

“Alongside this women reported feeling they had enough time to ask questions during their antenatal care appointments, and were listened to.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the experience of the women who choose to have their maternity care at Kingston and we value all feedback from families. We have a very committed maternity team and it is a credit to all their continuous efforts and dedication that we continue to deliver high quality maternity care.”

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