My experience of the community exercise volunteer programme

8 February 2023

Kingston Hospital’s community exercise volunteer programme was established by our volunteering and physiotherapy teams in partnership with Helpforce charity, to reduce the risk of falls, deconditioning and loneliness in elderly patients. 

Volunteers visit patients in their homes for a period of eight weeks following discharge from hospital, working through specific exercises tailored to each patient and prescribed by physiotherapists.

In the following short film, local resident Jaqui, shares her experience of the programme:

The programme is currently open to Kingston residents aged 65 years or older, who have had a fall in the last 12 months, are at risk of falling, or are worried about falling. For more information, speak to your Kingston Hospital physiotherapist.

If you are interested in becoming a community exercise volunteer, working with individuals to support them with exercises to help restore their health, wellbeing and independence, contact Bianca Larch (Community and Outreach Manager, Volunteering Services):

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