Meet the governor: Ali Dicks

22 July 2021

Ali Dicks is an elected staff governor, representing Kingston
Hospital’s Allied Health Professionals and clinical support staff.

We spoke to Ali about her time as a governor so far.

Q. When were you first elected as a staff governor?
I was first elected as a staff governor in November 2020, in an uncontested seat.

Q. Why did you decide that you would like to be a governor at Kingston Hospital?
During 2020 I became increasingly interested in the leadership structures within Kington Hospital, as well as the strategic direction of travel. In particular, I felt passionate about the potential contribution that the Allied Health Professional groups of staff can make. I feel proud to work at the Hospital, because I am privileged to work alongside a very dedicated, knowledgeable and committed team of people who really do put the patient first. I decided that the staff governor role would provide a valuable conduit between the staff delivering care on the frontline, and the hospital management.

Q. What do you think your experience and skills bring to the Council of Governors?
I have worked as a qualified physiotherapist for 22 years. I trained in South Africa and worked there for 18 months, before relocating to England. Prior to joining Kingston Hospital in 2008, I had worked in locum roles, the private sector, and studied full time for my Masters degree. Up until last year, I had worked solely in a clinical role. I had just started a combined clinical and operational leadership role when the COVID -19 pandemic struck. Whilst this was a particularly challenging time to take on a new role, it also created opportunities to meet a variety of different staff from across the Trust, to be exposed to various leadership styles and generally become more familiar with the inner workings of the hospital. In addition to being someone who delivers care at the hospital, I have also been a recipient of care as a patient. I therefore care deeply about Kingston Hospital’s patients, staff and the services it provides.

Q. What have you enjoyed the most about being a governor so far?
I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting my fellow governors, members of the board, and the Trust’s Non-Executive Directors. Their wealth of knowledge, varied backgrounds and extensive experience is very informative and inspirational. I sit on two sub-committees (the Membership Recruitment and Engagement Committee and the Strategy Committee) and have started to develop a much broader understanding of the strategic challenges facing the Trust. I have also started to have the opportunity to provide staff feedback to the senior management team and have felt positively reassured by the responses I have received.

Q. What are you looking forward to as a governor of Kingston Hospital?
I am looking forward to meeting my fellow governors face to face, because up until now, we have only been able to have virtual meetings. I also look forward to being able to join the governor “walk-arounds” of the hospital, so that I can increase my visibility to the staff I represent, and talk to them about issues in their area.

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