Local residents donate rainbow artwork to Kingston Hospital wards

5 May 2020

Staff at Kingston Hospital were delighted to receive donations of rainbow artwork from the Sunray Estate in Tolworth.

Simon Green, a nurse at Kingston Hospital, asked residents on the estate for their contributions of colourful artwork to brighten up the hospital wards, and couldn’t quite believe the reaction.

Simon said: “I couldn’t believe the response I got from so many local people. It is really touching to receive these lovely drawings and artwork from the Sunray Estate, Tolworth. Being able to look at the artwork on the wards is making a real difference to our staff and patients at this time. The residents produced enough artwork to fill every ward and we are extremely grateful to them all.”

Kingston Hospital’s Chief Executive, Jo Farrar, said: “We have received such wonderful support and generosity from the local community and it has been heart-warming to know that local residents are thinking of our staff and patients at this time. Thank you to the residents of the Sunray Estate for making a difference to our hospital.”

To support staff at Kingston Hospital during the COVID-19 outbreak, visit the Kingston Hospital Charity website: www.khc.org.uk

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