Kingston Hospital welcomes leap year babies

6 March 2020

Kingston Hospital’s maternity team welcomed a very special group of babies to the world on Saturday 29 February.

 Born on a leap year, these children are in the rare position of celebrating their birthday only once in every four years.

 Gemma Sergejev, mother of baby Charlotte, born at 1.15am on 29 February, said: “I think it’s awesome and we are really pleased that Charlotte was born today. She’s very lucky – she will be young forever!”

Claire Kenny, mother of baby Lizzie, born at 4.25am, said: “My husband was really keen for Lizzie to be a leap year baby, so we are very excited. My sister and I were also born in a leap year, so it is nice to share this with Lizzie.”

 Rebecca, mother of baby Isabella, born at 4.29am, said: “I’m excited for Isabella, it is a very special thing and she will always have something to say as an office ice breaker!”

 Kingston Hospital’s Director of Midwifery, Gina Brockwell, said: “It is a pleasure to support every parent’s journey with us here at Kingston Hospital and the birth of a baby is always a precious time, but it is particularly fascinating to think of those born on a leap year and whose birthdays will only fall once in every four years. Many congratulations to the families of all our leap year babies.” 

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