Kingston Hospital Charity offers scope for improvement for endoscopy patients

21 February 2020

At Kingston Hospital we are continuously looking for ways to deliver even better care for our patients so we are delighted that patients are being offered a more comfortable way to have their oesophagus and upper gastrointestinal endoscopy checked thanks to funding from Kingston Hospital Charity to buy seven transnasal endoscopes.

Only a few millimeters in diameter, transnasal endoscopes offer a more comfortable and quicker way for doctors to screen a patient’s oesophagus (wind-pipe) for tumours, inflammation, infections and other issues.

Ralph Greaves, clinical lead for endoscopy commented, “We are delighted to be able to continue with this exciting initiative which has delivered a number of benefits to our patients.  The endoscopy unit would like to say a huge thank you to Kingston Hospital Charity for funding these scopes. This will be a huge help in achieving our commitment that eight out of ten endoscopies will be transnasal by 2021.”

The funding has been awarded to Kingston Hospital’s gastroenterology department following a two year trial of the new equipment. The trial found the new technique to be faster and patients felt less discomfort and did not need sedation, compared to the traditional method.

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