Kingston Hospital Charity funds manikin to help train staff

10 February 2020

Staff at Kingston Hospital are benefitting from a ‘real life’ patient simulator (affectionately known as Carson) as part of the hospital’s resuscitation training programme. This new piece of training equipment was kindly funded by Kingston Hospital Charity.

The simulator is mobile so that the training can take place in any area of the hospital including the wards which is helping to make training more accessible for staff.

Gareth Evans, Simulation Educator and Facilitator said: “The new manikin has allowed us to diversify and enhance the training that we are able to offer to all clinical staff. It replicates accurately emergency situations and acute patient scenarios, providing an invaluable training experience. It also helps to foster working as a multi-disciplinary team. We are excited to have this new high-fidelity patient simulator, thanks to the support of Kingston Hospital Charity.”​

“The manikin is a great way of testing real life situations in preparation for when this happens on the ward.”

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