Kingston Hospital achieves ‘Gold’ status as a National Joint Registry Quality Data Provider

12 January 2024

Kingston Hospital has recently been awarded ‘Gold’ status as a National Joint Registry (NJR) Quality Data Provider, under a new three-tier award scheme recognising successful completion of a national programme of local data audits.

The NJR was set up in 2002 to collect information on all hip, knee, ankle, elbow, and shoulder replacement operations, to monitor the performance of joint replacement implants and the effectiveness of different types of surgery, improving clinical standards and benefiting patients, clinicians, and the orthopaedic sector as a whole.

The ‘NJR Quality Data Provider’ award scheme was developed to offer hospitals a blueprint for reaching standards relating to patient safety through NJR compliance and to reward those who have met targets in this area. The NJR’s new three-tier, gold, silver, and bronze awarding system aims to further encourage hospitals to strive to achieve excellent data quality standards.

This award acknowledges both the high standards being met by the Trust and the strong departmental effort to achieve compliance with the registry for four consecutive years.

Congratulations to all involved.

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