Interventional Radiology

18 November 2020

In July a new Interventional Radiology suite and cardiac cath lab were opened in The Rowan Bentall Wing at Kingston Hospital. This new purpose built unit incorporating state of the art facilities has been a very welcome addition to the hospital.

The new unit comprises an interventional/fluoroscopy unit with dedicated day ward and integrated inpatient bed waiting area, which will make a significant difference for patients waiting for procedures. The new unit also includes a cardiac recovery bay, a pre-assessment office shared by Radiology and Cardiology and a Radiology office, ensuring rapid reporting of all interventional procedures that are undertaken.

A dedicated reception area has also been introduced, where patients are greeted before being taken through for their procedure.

The new environment is dementia and child friendly and the addition of patterned ceiling tiles and the calm blue decor benefits the wellbeing of both staff and patients.

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