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How to make a comment or complaint (easy read)


Person making a complaint
Person making a complaint
  • Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust aims to provide high quality services to all patients and visitors and welcomes comments and ideas from service users.

  • However there will be times when we fail to meet your needs and you feel that a comment or complaint is needed.
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  • You may also feel that you have had a good level of service for a compliment.
An easy read leaflet
  • The aim of this leaflet is to help you to make your comments or complaints and to help you do so in a way that other people will understand.

How do I make a complaint?

Person feeling unhappyWe would very much like you to tell us straightaway if you are unhappy with your care or treatment, as most problems can be sorted.
Hospital staffAlso, there are two options at the hospital for you to provide us with comments or complaints about the treatment that you or your family may have had.

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

Image of way to get phone supportThis service is for patients, family members, friends and carers who need somewhere to turn to for help, advice and support.
Information signPALS is where you can go to get information.

They can help with problems or worries that you may have about hospital services.
Hospital staff standingIf you have spoken to staff on the ward or clinic and your issue has not been sorted then you can contact PALS.
Easy read pageIf you feel you are still having issues after you have contacted PALS, then they can give you information on how to make a formal complaint.
Image of way to get phone supportThe PALS service runs:

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (if a PALS Officer is not around they will reply to you as quickly as they can.)
Person answering the phoneThe PALS office is by the link corridor and Bernard Meade Wing.

Telephone number: 020 8934 3993

Email: khft.pals@nhs.net

Formal complaints process

Person listeningIf you are still unhappy, please write to the Chief Executive at the address in this leaflet.

You can also call the Chief Executive’s Complaints Office on 020 8546 7711, extension 2250 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or email your concerns to: khft.complaints.team@nhs.net
Complaints policy documentYour complaint will not in any way affect any future treatment you may need.
Three different peopleComments are welcomed for all users of our services.

The trust aims to ensure the treatment of patient care to all patients, whatever their age, colour, background, nationality, physical or mental disability, race or religion.
Confidential signIt is important that the Trust Board understands issues that are raised at the hospital.

When your complaint is shared with them, they will keep any information private.
People who are not connected to hospitalIf you would like independent support for your complaint (this means help from someone who has no connection with the hospital) you can contact the Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service (IHCAS).

This is a free service that can help you to make a complaint about the National Health Service (NHS).
Pohwer logoFor details of your local office please visit www.pohwer.net or call their helpline on 020 3553 5960
If you are a resident of the London Borough Of Richmond upon thames contact Rethink Advocacy on 0300 790 0559, or for further details please visit www.rethinkadvocacy.org.uk

Useful contacts

Image of way to get phone supportPatient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS)
Direct line: 020 8394 3993
Internal extension: 3993 or 993
Kingston Hospital logoChief Executive’s Complaint’s Office
Telephone: 020 8546 7711 ext 2250

What to expect when you make a formal complaint

3 working days imageWhen a complaint is sent we will investigate. We will then:

Reply within 3 working days.
Investigation imageLook at the complaint and investigate.
25 working days imageProvide a detailed reply to the complaint within 25 working days where possible or a timeline as agreed with you.
Sitting at table imageKeep the person informed of the way things are going and if the investigation will take longer.

Meet with the person where needed.

Use the complaint to make any needed changes to the service.
Computer imageLog your complaint on our computer.
Confidential signPlease note two very useful points:

In the interests of privacy, we must have the patient’s consent to continue with the complaint and to give information to a third party.

We will only look at complaints within 12 months of you being aware of the problem.


People talkingIf you have any comments or ideas that you think would help us to make our services better, please raise the issue with the head of the department involved or let our PALS team know.


Nurse standingThe staff in the hospital are always happy to have a positive comment.

You can do this by writing a short note to the Chief Executive and your comments will be passed on to the staff.
Braille documentIf you would like the information contained in this leaflet in an another format such as large print, audiotape, braille or in another language, please call 020 8934 2003.
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Accessibility Please contact the Patient Experience Team on 020 8934 3850 if you need this information in a different format.
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Support services

Visit the hospital website, ask a member of staff, or ring us for details.


Switchboard 020 8546 7711

  • ‘Find Us’ page for maps, transport, registering a blue badge, disabled access
  • Information, advice and support for patients and relatives (PALS) 020 8934 3993
  • Pastoral and Spiritual Support 020 8546 7711
  • Learning Disability Liaison Team 020 8934 6895
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