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Sensitive disposal of your pregnancy tissue


We are very sorry that you are experiencing a pregnancy loss. We understand that this is a difficult time for you.

This leaflet explains what happens to your pregnancy tissue in the hospital following a pregnancy loss. This information may be upsetting for you but, for many people, it is important to know now or at some point in the future.

Our staff will deal with all aspects of of your care, including the disposal of tissue, with sensitivity and respect.

What is a pregnancy loss?

Your pregnancy loss may be the result of:

  • a miscarriage, when pregnancy ends unexpectedly in the early months of pregnancy
  • an ectopic pregnancy, when pregnancy develops outside the womb and cannot continue.  

Tissue from an early pregnancy loss is often called ‘products of conception’.

What happens now?

We examine the tissue under a microscope in the laboratory to confirm it is from a pregnancy loss and not from a molar pregnancy. A molar pregnancy is where a group of abnormal cells grow in the womb instead of a healthy foetus. If this is the cause of your miscarriage, we will contact you to explain what happens next and we offer you a separate information leaflet.

If we do not contact you, please assume that your tissue is from a pregnancy loss.

What happens next?

Our usual process is to send the tissue for sensitive disposal. This means incineration of collective pregnancy tissue separate from any other clinical materials. There are no ashes after this kind of disposal.

What other options are available?

  1. If you prefer, we can arrange a hospital communal burial.
  2. You are also welcome to make your own private arrangements.

Please call the Jasmine unit (see Contacts section below) and let our staff  know if you would like one of these two options instead of the usual sensitive disposal.

What if I am undecided?

Please let us know within 2 weeks if you would prefer an option other than sensitive disposal at hospital. If you are unsure or need support to make this decision, or if you would like more details, please contact the Jasmine Unit.

If we do not hear from you, we will follow our usual sensitive disposal process.

What if the miscarriage happens at home?

As long as you are feeling well, it is safe for you to miscarry at home and you may do what you wish with the pregnancy tissue. 

If you prefer to bring the pregnancy tissue into hospital, we will then follow the process described above; laboratory testing followed by sensitive disposal or, if you prefer, communal burial.

Remembering your baby

We hold an annual Baby Memorial Service which usually takes place in the Gathering Rooms at the hospital. We will invite you to join us for reflection, poetry and music. We can also light a candle together in remembrance of your baby.

You are welcome to add an entry in our Book of Remembrance which is in the Hospital Chapel. Please ask one of the Jasmine Unit team for the request form.

Alternatively, the Miscarriage Association’s ‘Stars of Remembrance’ section provides an special online memorial space to mark the brief lives of babies who died before they were born.

Logo miscarriage association
The Miscarriage Association
www.miscarriageassociation.org.uk Call the helpline on 01924 200799
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Logo Mariposa Trust
Mariposa Trust
An international support charity working with anyone suffering pregnancy loss
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