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Perching Stool


What is a Perching Stool for?

This leaflet is for patients who have been assessed as needing a perching stool to improve independence in the home. It is also for the families, carers and professionals supporting you.

The perching stool helps you to do tasks that you are unable to do standing up, but for which a full sitting position is not appropriate.

Photo perching stool
Maximum weight limit: 159 kg (or 25 stones)

When should you not use the perching stool?

Do not use the perching stool if:

  • you have not been assessed as needing one
  • you have poor balance or control of your upper body when sitting
  • you cannot put any weight on one of your legs, unless advised to do so by a therapist
  • you do not have space for the stool
  • as a replacement for a chair.

How to set up the perching stool

When you first receive the stool, check it is not damaged, all 4 leg clips are intact and the rubber feet are fitted correctly.

You can adjust the stool to make sure it is the correct height by pulling the pins out of each leg. Make sure all 4 legs are the same height and the pins are back in fully so that the stool is stable.

This video on YouTube shows how to adjust your stool

Website address and QR code for the video
QR perching stool

How to arrange to collect your stool or to request a repair for a broken stool

Each borough’s provider and phone number is listed in the Contacts section below.


Kingston - Medequip 0208 154 2922
Merton - Uniquis 0208 664 8860
Richmond - NRS 0300 100 0253
Surrey - Millbrook 0330 124 1247
Wandsworth - NRS 0300 100 0253

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