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What is a Mowbray for?

This leaflet is for patients who have been assessed as needing a Mowbray to improve independence in the home. It is also for the families, carers and professionals supporting you.

A Mowbray provides a higher toilet seat within a supportive frame which makes it easier for you to use the toilet.

Maximum weight limit

190 kg (about 29 stones 12 lbs)

When should you not use a Mowbray?

Do not use a Mowbray if:

  • you have not been assessed as needing one
  • the moulded seat is not firmly attached to the frame (push down on the seat until you hear it click in place)
  • you are weak on one side or lean heavily to one side as the Mowbray may tip over
  • your bathroom has uneven or weak flooring
  • your arms or upper body are weak
  • the legs of Mowbray will create a trip hazard
  • there is not enough space or the toilet piping makes its use unsafe.

How to set up the Mowbray

  1. Ensure the toilet seat is front facing.
  2. Adjust to the correct height by changing the height of all 4 legs – the arm rests should be approximately at elbow height​.
  3. Ensure the user can sit with their feet flat on the floor.
  4. Ensure all four feet of the frame are flat on the floor​.
  5. Ensure there are 4 rubber feet (ferrules) and they are not worn down​.
  6. Ensure that all 4 clips are correctly in place​.
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Website address and QR code for a video which shows how to fit a Mowbray
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How to collect your Mowbray or request a repair for a broken Mowbray

Each borough’s provider and phone number is listed in the Contacts section below.


Kingston - Medequip 0208 154 2922
Merton - Uniquis 0208 664 8860
Richmond - NRS 0300 100 0253
Surrey - Millbrook 0208 750 1580
Wandsworth - NRS 0300 100 0253

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