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Children attending scans


Picture of sonographer performing a scan on pregnant woman.

We recognise that attending a scan is an important event for you and your partner, but we would respectfully request that you do not bring children with you for the following reasons:

  • A scan is a clinical examination to check the health of your baby and exclude abnormalities. The sonographer needs full concentration to ensure optimum assessment of your baby.
  • Children often find scans boring or upsetting because 90% of the pictures on the screen are sectional images of the baby’s anatomy and do not make sense to a child’s eyes.
  • If your child is upset or bored, the sonographer’s concentration may be affected and you and your partner will not be able to enjoy the scan.       
  • On the rare occasion that a problem is suspected, the presence of a child is very distressing for all concerned.

We do understand that in exceptional circumstances, lack of childcare may mean that bringing a child is unavoidable.

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