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Baby feed diary and questionnaire


This offers information on keeping a baby feed diary and recording your baby’s food and drink habits.

Baby’s name

Baby’s date of birth

Baby feed diary

Try to complete your baby feed diary over 2 days and bring it to your next appointment.

Write down everything your child eats and drinks during these 2 days.

Try to include as much detail as possible, such as:

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  • How much of each feed did your baby eat or drink? Try to use household measures, for example 1 tablespoon mashed potatoes or 1 teaspoon hummus.
  • Do not forget to include foods that you add to other foods. For example 1 tablespoon of porridge made with ½ cup of full fat milk.
  • Remember to indicate the type of food, for example full fat milk, Greek yogurt etc.
  • Include any other information that you think is relevant in the comments box. For example “Will not touch the food and screams if it comes anywhere near him”.
  • If you breastfeed, tell us how long the baby stays on the breast.
  • If you use bottles, tell us what brand and size of bottle and teat you use.
This is an example of a baby diary:
Time and mealFood or drinks takenComments

8am: breast

10.20am: bottle

12.50pm: lunch:

8 minutes breastfeed

Offered 120ml, baby took 85ml

1 tablespoon butternut squash and chicken puree, half breadstick, 1 strawberry, 1 tablespoon Greek yogurt. Water from bottle (about 5 ml)
Struggled to latch on, coughing

Vomited (small amount) 15 minutes later

Complete your own diary here:

Time and mealFood or drinks takenComments
Day 1

Day 2

Baby feed questionnaire

Answer these questions by giving us as much information as you can.

QuestionYour answers
What are you most worried about regarding your baby’s feeding? For example growth, missing out on key nutrients, eating behaviour, reflux, allergies, bowel issues etc.
Do you breastfeed your baby? 
Do you feed them formula or a mix of breast and formula feeds?
If you use formula, what brand or product do you use?
If your baby bottle feeds, what bottle and teat size do you use?
How many feeds does your baby take in 24 hours?
If your baby is on formula or expressed breast milk, how much does your baby take in total over a 24 hour period? (You can tell us in ml or oz).
Do you give your baby multivitamins? If you do, which ones do you give (type and brand)?
Does your baby have any diagnosed food allergies? Answer yes or no.
Is your baby on any exclusion diet? For example perhaps they are vegetarian but they have an egg allergy so you avoid giving them eggs.  Give as much detail as you can. 
When did you start weaning your baby onto solids?
Does your baby manage lumpy textures or finger foods?
Are there any other comments you want to share?  For example “My baby has a tongue-tie”, “My baby is on Omeprazole”, “My baby eats better with Dad”, “My baby eats at nursery” etc.


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