How was your maternity care? 2024 Maternity Survey

22 May 2024

At Kingston Hospital, we believe in providing the highest quality maternity care for you and your baby.

If you gave birth in January or February 2024, you may be invited to take part in the CQC’s 2024 national maternity survey, to give feedback on the quality of care and support you received during your pregnancy, labour and birth, and after birth.

If you are invited to take part, you will receive a letter with information on how to complete the survey online or on your phone. If you prefer to complete the survey on paper, a paper questionnaire will be sent in a later mailing.

Participation will not affect your care in any way. The survey is confidential, and your responses will not be shared with our staff.

The results will be published in January 2025. For more information about the survey, please visit the CQC website.

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