Help and support from local charities

23 December 2022

Kingston Hospital works with local charities to make sure patients and carers get the help they need whilst in hospital as well as back at home.

This winter, we are pleased to partner with local charities including Staywell, Nightingale, Kingston Carers’ Network and Richmond Carers Centre to enable them to reach out to patients and carers much earlier in their healthcare journey.

Laura Greene, Head of Volunteering and Community Partnerships, said “We feel strongly that local charities have expertise and services that are key to improving our patients’ and carers’ wellbeing both in hospital and back home in the community. By connecting people with local charities to support them whilst they are in hospital, patients and carers are receiving the help and support they need from their local voluntary sector during a crisis. By working in partnership with the hospital, charities can also provide greater continuity of care between hospital and home, joining up the help and support patients and carers receive regardless of where that care is needed.”

Read more about some of our active partnerships with local charities.

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