Meet the Staff Health and Wellbeing Team

The Health & Wellbeing Team is committed to providing opportunities to equip and inspire you to care for your wellbeing and enhance your quality of life at work and home. We work to raise awareness and coordinate wellbeing activities across the hospital.

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How we can work with you

  • Confidential 1:1 ‘Time to Talk’ sessions to reflect on anything you feel is affecting your wellbeing; stress, anxiety, work-related issues, relationship difficulties, financial concerns, work & life balance.
  • Guidance and provision of resources for personal development and signposting to specialist support.
  • 1:1 assessment and advice clinic for musculoskeletal (MSK)
  • Free exercises classes including Pilates, circuits, stretch and mobility.
  • Enhanced assessment of significant mental health issues from our Clinical Psychologist, brief interventions and signposting to the most appropriate support services.

You can access all of this via self-referral. To find out more, email:

How we can work with your team

  • Comprehensive guidance for managers and team leads to support staff wellbeing.
  • Debriefs and reflection sessions following difficult or distressing incidents experienced in or outside of work.
  • Creation of training activities tailored to your team to enable you to explore wellbeing, discover ways to handle stress and increase resilience amid the pressures of life.
  • Direction for managers and team leads wanting to spot early warning signs of developing mental health difficulties.
  • Team training activities incorporating bespoke exercise programmes to help prevent MSK injuries and information on holistic wellbeing.

Contact us to find out how we can support you and your team:

If you would like to make this information available to your team, you can find our leaflet in our ‘Useful Resources’ sidebar. Feel free to print it and leave it in your staff room.

Our team members

Diana Steadman, Staff Wellbeing Chaplain

“I listen with an open heart and mind, and help you explore anything affecting your wellbeing.”

Ext: 6631

Diana has many years’ experience as an educator and guidance practitioner working with individuals and groups to enable deeper insight and understanding. She uses psychologically informed conversations and tools of reflective practice to enable you to find inner resources and wisdom.

Diana aims to help you gain more satisfaction from your work and life, and can provide compassionate support through life’s challenges.

Lauren Castledine-Wolfe, Staff Wellbeing Physiotherapist


A Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor with 14 years’ experience, Lauren is driven by a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and is eager to work alongside you to improve your quality of life. Lauren has worked in specialist teams across a variety of clinical settings, gaining a passion for helping others with their posture and pain, and resourcing staff in the benefits of exercise and simple lifestyle changes.

Specialising in MSK issues, Lauren can offer comprehensive physical assessments and ongoing referral to the Physiotherapy department as needed.

Anila George – Clinical Psychologist


Anila is trained at doctoral level to work across the life span and across a wide range of psychological issues. She offers comprehensive psychological assessments and a variety of brief evidence based psychological interventions, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) being her predominant treatment approach.

Having worked in multi-disciplinary teams in the NHS for almost 20 years, Anila is passionate about helping staff support each other to improve psychological wellbeing and performance.

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