Supported Return to Training (SRTT)

During junior doctors’ time in postgraduate training, many will have a period away from clinical work for a number of different reasons.  This may be due to ill health, parental or carers’ leave, time out in research or a non-clinical Fellowship.  In recent times, this may be because doctors have had to shield during the COVID pandemic, or they may have been re deployed to a department outside of their training programme.

Health Education England (HEE) has produced resources and avenues of support for trainees returning to training after a period of 3 months or more out of their usual clinical work. 

National resources can be found via their website here:

SuppoRTT – digital and online resources | Health Education England (

If you are a doctor in training, returning to a post at Kingston Hospital after a period of 3 months or more out of clinical work, we would like to hear from you at least 8 weeks prior to your start date.  Your HR pack should contain details of how to get in touch with us, so we can allocate you an educational supervisor to help plan your return to work.

The HEE forms that need to be completed with your Educational Supervisor can be found here:

Supported Return to Training | London (

We are running a ‘Return to Work’ course on Tuesday 31st August in the Education Centre.  This will include a mix of updates,  professional skills simulations and a chance to meet other doctors also returning to training. 

The SRTT Champion for Kingston Hospital is Dr Rebecca Hodgkinson, who is a Consultant Paediatrician.  She can be contacted via  Administrative support for SRTT is provided by Diane Lacey in the Postgraduate Education Centre and she can be contacted via

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