E Learning

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – CRS E-Learning

Welcome to Kingston Hospital’s E-learning modules, in order for you to complete the E-learning you are required to complete all modules

Please do not complete e-learning modules using your phone.  Please use a Desktop Computer, Laptop or Tablet.

When you come to the end of each module, you have the option of replaying the E-learning or if you feel you have completed and understood the module click on ‘Next’, you will then be asked to confirm that you have viewed and understood that module.

You will then be asked to enter:

  • Your full name
  • Department / Agency
  • Job Title

The IT Training Team will then be emailed confirmation when you have completed each module.  They will then inform the CRSsmartcard team ( bank partners) that you have completed your training and to issue you with your smartcard.

Please note: You will no longer need to collect a training slip from the training team.

The confirmation information that appears once you have completed your e-learning is currently being updated – so please ignore the message asking you to collect your training slip.

Once you have completed all your e-learning modules in connection with your job role, please contact the CRSsmartcard team (bank partners) to make an appointment to collect your Smartcard on: 0208 973 5375 or email khft.crssmartcard@nhs.net.

E-learning issues

Any problems with the E-Learning link or modules please email khft.trainingteam@nhs.net  when emailing please inform us:

  • The name of the CRS E-Learning Course
  • The name of the module in the course you were trying to complete
  • What part of the module you were trying to do when the problem occurred
  • A screenshot of the problem if possible or explanation of the problem.


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