Dragon Voice Recognition

This new tool represents the next step in how dictation can enhance both clinician and patient experience. The future of Voice Recognition at the Trust will see AI playing an increasing role in the function of the tool, with intuitive technology that continuously develops and refines your personal speech profile, increasing the accuracy of each dictation. Dragon has a vast medical terminology including an extensive drug dictionary, ensuring that this important information can be recorded accurately.

The tool is agile, easily accessible via an app on your desktop and smartphone compatible, meaning you can either use your phone as your microphone, or make a recording using a dedicated SpeechMic.

In the short term the tool will reduce administration time for outpatient correspondence, by speeding up the time from appointment to receiving notes and follow up, but over time we see much wider applications for this technology at Kingston, with increasing system integration to broaden the scope and scale of the usage of the tool, from creating a letter in real time to dictating directly into CRS. The tool also has the ability to create auto text, from pre-loaded templates, using voice commands, further increasing time efficiencies.  

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For more information on the tool and how to complete training, please contact the project team on the link below.

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