Radiology Direct Access

Kingston Hospital’s radiology department has recently returned to a walk-in service for x-rays. Patients are no longer required to book an appointment.

The radiology department can be found in Kingston Hospital’s outpatient department (ground floor). View hospital map.

Direct Access

We offer a direct access service, open between 8.30am-5pm Mon-Fri, apart from MRI which is 7.30am-7.30pm Mon -Sun at Kingston Hospital.

  • CT Scanning (head) for chronic, persistent headache
  • CT scanning (other) – on a case by case basis following discussion with radiologist
  • Dexa Scanning
  • General fluoroscopy
  • MRI for lumbar spines and knees
  • Nuclear Medicine on case by case basis after discussion with a member of the Nuclear Medicine team.
  • Ultrasound

Request via Ordercomms

Ordercomms can be used where available and applicable (rather than a paper request form).

Note: for ultrasound, general fluoroscopy and Dexa scanning, please forward the radiology request form to the radiology department at Kingston Hospital.

We also provide Direct Access X-ray service at the Surbiton Health Centre Mon-Fri.

Contact Information

  • X-ray: 020 8546 7711 plus ext. 2146
  • Ultrasound: 020 8546 7711 plus ext. 2150
  • CT: 020 8546 7711 plus ext. 2147

Plain film walk in service

Plain film walk in service available between 8.30am-5pm Mon-Fri

Patients must attend with a completed radiology request form, completed by the GP.

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