Children’s Hearing Services Working Group

The Children’s Hearing Services Working Group is a multi-disciplinary forum of professionals from health, education and Social Care together with parents who either work in or are associated with the delivery of the Audiology service for all children and young people in the London Boroughs of Kingston upon Thames. The purpose of the group is to monitor, improve and develop hearing services for all children and young people. This will be informed by national drivers and targets.

The role of the CHSWG is to ensure that all hearing services for children & young people (aged 0-19 years) living in the London Borough of Kingston, are working together in a seamless family friendly way.  This includes screening, local and specialist level services.

Aims include:

  • Involvement in training and development of the services, following consideration of recommendations regarding hearing from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) and other national bodies with regard to children and young people; thoughts and views of service users and their families.
  • Monitoring the delivery of all services against national and local standards
  • Offer advice, guidance and, where necessary, pressure, to ensure high quality services are available.
  • Review and revision of Policies, Procedures, information leaflets etc. to ensure the reflection of good national and local practice
  • Agreeing a framework for multi-agency working with deaf children and their families.
  • Communicating the achievements and unresolved issues of the services working with deaf children and their families to strategic planners and key stakeholders

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