The Cancer Patient Partners Group

We’re helping to make Kingston Hospital’s Cancer Services the best they can be.

If you have completed active cancer treatment or cared for someone who was treated for cancer at least one year ago we’d like to invite you to join our group.

About us

  • We are a diverse group of people affected by cancer with different backgrounds and skills but we all have one thing in common: we believe the voices and experiences of patients and carers can be a real force for positive change.
  • We meet at Kingston Hospital approximately every three months and also become involved in specific projects or committees.
  • We aim to bring the experience of patients, carers and their families to the attention of those who fund, plan and manage cancer services within Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and we work in partnership with them to implement changes.
  • Our experience has shown us that we are listened to and that we can make a difference to the Hospital’s policies.

Our aims

  • To strengthen the voice of all those affected by cancer within the Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
  • To engage with and listen to people whose lives have been affected by cancer.
  • To work on behalf of patients and carers to monitor and improve cancer services.
  • To help bring about changes needed to improve these services.

Our activities and opportunities

These include:

  • Being involved in the design and carrying out of surveys with patients and carers
  • Ensuring that patients’ views and experience are always considered when improvements are being made to cancer services
  • Reviewing local and national developments in cancer care – including information from the annual National Cancer Patient Experience Survey
  • Contributing to hospital meetings and committees including representation at Cancer Board
  • Working with health professionals to help design good quality, patient-friendly communications, including  information  sheets, leaflets and videos
  • Working with health professionals and talking about our experience to support and enhance their training
  • Helping to decide on and take part in Quality Improvement projects
  • Advising on the setting up of new patient support initiatives

Members can decide just how involved they’d like to be and what activities they want to take part in.

Why get involved?

There are many different reasons for wanting to join the group but these are some comments from the group’s members on why they decided to get involved:

“I saw the group advertised whilst attending an appointment at SWRU and felt that my experience of caring for three close relatives with cancer and then developing cancer myself put me in a good position to understand how the cancer experience can be made easier for patients, family and carers.”

“I feel very welcomed by the group and by the hospital teams with whom we work and we are listened to with respect. I have seen changes that I have influenced and that is a fantastic reward for being involved.”

“Some groups are all talk and no action. But I feel we’re making a real difference to the way patients with cancer are diagnosed and treated at Kingston Hospital and that’s why I’m proud to be a member.”

“My own experience of cancer, and that of my husband, has been a driving force in my involvement in patient engagement and involvement in cancer services for a number of years. Listening to and learning from patient experience is so important and our group at Kingston Hospital provides a valuable resource that I’m proud to be part of and which is going some way to improving the experience of current and future patients with cancer.”

If you are interested in coming along to observe one of our meetings with a view to joining, please call:

Archana Sood, Macmillan Information and Support Manager

020 8973 5001

Please note that this particular group is not a complaints forum or a support group. We can however, put you in touch with the relevant departments or groups if required.

Tell us how we are doing we'd love to have your opinion