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Kingston Hospital has seen a rapid increase in its research activity over the last four years. 

By 2016-17, the NHS Research Activity League Table showed that Kingston Hospital was the number one acute trust nationally for the increase in the number of new open studies in the last year (up 75% from 16 to 28 new trials).  The hospital is currently placed ninth nationally within acute NHS trusts for its increase in patient participation.

This rapid increase in research activity was helped in part by ‘pump priming’ funding in 2015 from the charity which enabled Dr Helen Mathews, as R&D lead, and colleagues to successfully bid for external funding to develop their work, increasing the number of trials and academic collaborations with which the hospital is involved.

Participation in research has already provided access to new and innovative treatments and care for Kingston Hospital patients.  However, there is a need now to strengthen the team further - for patients, this will mean greater access to both local and national trials which offer the potential of new and innovative methods of care, while helping to discover more about the treatment of their conditions.  The research team’s most pressing priority currently is to recruit a research co-ordinator for an initial three year period to increase activity in both commercial and non-commercial trials.


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