Delivering Consistently Excellent Dementia Care


Charitable support is playing a key role in transforming the hospital’s elderly care wards to ensure they are completely dementia-friendly.  We are committed to funding the added-value elements to help create safe, homely and comfortable social and therapeutic environments that facilitate all types of functioning.  These include: the flooring, lighting, signage, wall finishes, artwork, social spaces and furniture in each of the elderly care wards.

Derwent Ward re-opened in November 2016 following its successful refurbishment and work on Blyth Ward is expected to be completed in October this year.  Refurbishment of the third and final ward is anticipated to take place next year.

Recognising that nearly half of its inpatients over the age of 75 have confirmed or suspected dementia, which is double the national average, Kingston Hospital is committed to delivering consistently excellent dementia care for its patients and their families/ carers.  As well as ensuring it has the right staff, care pathways, support and systems in place, a key part of the hospital’s dementia care strategy is to enhance the hospital environment, recognising the particular needs of patients with dementia. Our primary focus has been on the elderly care wards but with most of this funding now secured, we are continuing to seek support so as to help the hospital improve other key patient areas, as it strives to deliver consistently excellent dementia care.









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