Current research

Kingston Maternity Unit is dedicated to providing care based on the best and most current evidence available.

Maternity care is an ever evolving field, with more and more being discovered about pregnancy and birth and how best to treat certain conditions affecting pregnant women. Research into developing treatments is essential in order to ensure that the most effective and safest care plans are followed at all times.

Kingston Maternity is proud to be a part of several national research projects and our research team are working hard to grow the portfolio of projects we are involved with. All of our research is approved and funded by the National Institute of Health Research which means it is ethically and scientifically sound, and has the highest standards possible for patient safety.

If you are receiving care at Kingston Maternity Unit, during your pregnancy you may be approached by one of our research midwives or research nurses should you be eligible for inclusion in any of the projects we are currently running. It is your choice whether or not you agree to take part in these studies. If you choose not to be involved, the care you receive will not be affected in any way.

Where possible we try to fit research around your normal care so that it is as easy as it can be for you to be involved. We are currently active with research concerning:

  1. Hypertension (high blood pressure in pregnancy)
  2. Post Partum Haemorrhage
  3. Experience of resilience, stress, and risk in pregnancy for LGBTQ+ couples
  4. Perineal Healing
  5. Twins
  6. Anxiety

For more information on the specific studies currently underway at Kingston Maternity and to see if you are eligible to take part please contact us:


Tel: 07776703092

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