Talking about your birth experience

Contacting a Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA)

If you have any questions after you give birth, you can speak to your midwife. We also have a team of Professional Midwifery Advocates (PMAs) who will be happy to help.

Who are PMAs?
They are experienced practicing Midwives who have undertaken additional training to enable them to support Midwives in their practice and professional development. They work as a team and are employed by Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

What is the role of a PMA?
To support and guide Midwives so they can deliver consistent, high quality, safe maternity care to you and your baby.

How can PMAs help you?

  • Support the Midwife in the care she gives you
  • Offer a Birth Reflection appointment if you would like to understand the timeline events surrounding your birth. A PMA can go through your maternity notes with you

How do I contact a PMA?
For most queries and concerns, your Midwife is the best person to talk to.

Our PMA team can be contacted Monday-Friday 9-5pm. Out of hours you can leave a voicemail or email and a member of the team will be in contact with you.

Telephone: 0208 934 6434     

Birth reflections

If you would like to arrange a birth reflection appointment with a PMA, you can talk to your Midwife who can contact us, or you can phone or email us directly and a PMA will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Our Birth Reflection clinics are held weekly, by appointment.

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