First Kingston Hospital patients receive COVID-19 vaccine

29 December 2020

Stanley Billham, who is in his eighties, was the first patient to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at Kingston Hospital today. Stanley, who lives locally in Surbiton, received the injection at Kingston Hospital just after 11am this morning.

Other patients at the hospital aged 80 are now being vaccinated, as well as care home workers and NHS staff at higher risk.

Narsi Patel, who is 83 years of age and from New Malden also received the vaccine this morning. Narsi who has been shielding since March said: “I am eager to be part of this vaccination programme as growing up in India I saw lots of children dying from smallpox, which is something I have never forgotten. Smallpox is now gone thanks to vaccination, so I hope the same thing will happen with COVID. I’m really looking forward to the future and to be able to come out of the house again to see family and friends.”

Narsi Patel receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

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