Our Research Vision

Over the years, we have delivered a wide range of research within a number of settings; we are dedicated to work with clinicians, staff and the public to improve access to research. We have provided our patients and staff with an opportunity to find more about diseases and treatment, improving patient experience and ensuring patients keep receiving the best care possible.

We are aiming to continuing the growth with our studies and continue our research work, improving the lives of patients.

To allow all patients and staff to Be Part of Research. Embedding a culture of research excellence throughout the whole Trust, supported by a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

To support and develop world-class research in collaboration with our partners to improve the current and future health of our population. 

The key parts of our Research Strategy are:

  • Fully integrate research into all aspects of clinical care. Address the unmet needs of our community by supporting key strategic objectives, including achieving outstanding in the new CQC inspection criteria.
  • Improve Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) at all levels of the research project, especially encouraging patients and carers to access “Be Part of Research”.
  • Embed research within every clinical department by including it formally within job planning.
  • Build a dedicated Clinical Trials Facility.
  • Work with our academic partners at Kingston University to become Chief Investigators, attract funding and answer research questions, which support local population priorities in healthcare.
  • Increase overall research activity by 48% to 2,500 annual patient accruals by 2022. Attracting sustainable funding from NIHR, CRN, Grant, Charity and industry and non-industry income.

You can download and read our full research strategy document below:

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