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These are a few comments from members of the group:

"I saw the group advertised whilst attending an appt at SWRU and felt that my experience of caring for 3 close relatives with cancer and then developing cancer myself put me in a good position to understand how the cancer experience can be made easier for patients, family and carers.

I feel very welcomed by the group and the hospital teams with whom we work and we are listened to with respect. I have seen changes that I have influenced and that is a fantastic reward for being involved."

"Some groups are all talk and no action. But I feel we're making a real difference to the way patients with cancer are diagnosed and treated at Kingston Hospital and that's why I'm proud to be a member of it."

"My own experience of cancer, and that of my husband, has been a driving force in my involvement in patient engagement and involvement in cancer services for a number of years. Listening to and learning from patient experience is so important and our group at Kingston Hospital provides a valuable resource that I'm proud to be part of and which is going some way to improving the experience of current and future patients with cancer."

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