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Our ENT service is provided as part of the South West London Ear, Nose and Throat network providing a base for outpatient, day surgery and some inpatient surgery to treat disorders and defects of the ears, nose (including sinuses), throat, head and neck.

We aim to provide a comprehensive patient-centred service for all ages; which is high quality, efficient, delivered closer to home, with short waiting times and high responsiveness and free at the point of access.

Our integrated service provides treatment of ear problems (such hearing loss, dizziness, inflammation, perforated ear drums and mastoid infection); Treatment of problems with the nose and sinuses, (including infections, allergies and inflammations causing congestion and runny noses); Management of facial deformity and trauma and disorders of olfaction; Treatment of throat problems (including persistent hoarseness).

Specialist ENT Surgery

Bone Conduction Middle Ear Auditory Implants

A bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) is similar to other hearing aids, but instead of being inserted into the ear canal or held behind the ear, it is fixed to an implant in the skull. This implant is inserted in an operation under general anaesthetic, usually in the Day Surgery Unit at Kingston Hospital.

While a lot of sound we hear travels to our ears through air (air conduction), we hear a great deal through vibrations in the bone (bone conduction). A BAHA works by conducting sound through the skull bone to the inner ear, bypassing any problems in the outer or middle ear that block or restrict the flow of sound waves, preventing them from getting to the inner ear. It is usually suggested for people with hearing loss who cannot use conventional in the ear, or behind the ear, hearing aids. It is suitable for people with conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss or single-sided deafness.

There are two main types of BAHA systems. For the BAHA Attract System  a small titanium implant sits in the bone behind the ear. Attached to the implant is an implant magnet that is hidden beneath the skin. As sound processor (hearing aid) fits onto a sound processor magnet that attracts to the implanted magnet. Sound travels as vibrations from the processor via the magnets to the implant, which then directs the vibrations through the bone to stimulate the inner ear. For the BAHA Connect System a small titanium implant sits in the bone behind the ear. Attached to the implant is an abutment that extends just above the skin. As sound processor (hearing aid) fits directly onto the abutment. Sound travels as vibrations from the processor via the abutment to the implant, which then directs the vibrations through the bone to stimulate the inner ear.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Sinusitis occurs when the air-filled cavities of the face (the sinuses) become inflamed. Balloon catheter dilation of paranasal sinus ostia aims to help open up blocked sinus passages by gently inflating a small balloon, introduced through the nose via a flexible tube. The aim is to restore normal sinus drainage and relieve symptoms of chronic sinusitis such as sinus pain and pressure.

Early referral for people who are new to our service is encouraged.

Standardized directory of services and referral guidelines are available for GP’s on the NHS e-Referral system, (formerly Choose & Book). No paper referrals can be accepted in accordance with the national go paperless programme.

Clinical advice and guidance is available via the Kinesis GP Software System.

Electronic and paper format requests are accepted from any non GP health care, educational and social care professionals.

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Key Staff

A multidisciplinary team work collaboratively to deliver ENT care to patients. These include Consultant Surgeons, Specialty Doctors, Surgical Registrars, Specialist Registered Nurses, Specialist Audiologists and Voice Therapists.

Core members of the clinical team include:

  • Mr Anthony John  MRCS, LRCP, MBS BS

Locum ENT Surgeon

 Chris John


  • Mr Michael Lee  FRCSEd FRCS (ORL-HNS) Eng

Consultant ENT Surgeon, Lead for Voice Disorders

 Michael Lee


  • Mr Enyinnaya Ofo BSc(Hons) MBBS(Lond) DO-HNS FRCS(ORL-HNS) PhD

Consultant ENT Surgeon, Lead for Head and Neck, Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery 



  • Mr Parag Patel FRCS (ORL-HNS) MSc Allergy MBBS BSc (Hons) Do-HNS

Consultant ENT and Skull Base Surgeon, Lead for Otology and Paediatrics

 Parag Patel


  • Mr Abbad Toma MBBCH, FRCS (ED) FRCS (ORL)

Consultant ENT Surgeon and Facial Plastic Surgeon. Lead for Rhinology and Sinus Surgery



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