Chronic Pain Management Team

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The Pain Clinic is located near the Coombe Road entrance to the Hospital. There are disabled parking bays next to the building.

Galsworthy Road Kingston upon Thames Surrey KT2 7QB
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Patient contact information Appointment Enquiries: 020 8546 7711 ext: 6444 Patient Enquiries: 020 8546 7711 ext: 2453 or 2563

The team deals with chronic pain of whatever origin and complexity. 

This includes:

Chronic back, head and neck pain  
Chronic post-surgical pain
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
Post-herpetic neuralgia and other neuropathic pain
Irritable bowel syndrome and other gastric pain
Chronic pelvic pain, including endometriosis and vulvodynia
Pain associated with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)
Long-term neurological conditions

Range of Services

The team use a biopsychosocial approach depending on the level of complexity with which the patient presents.  On referral, patients are seen by a consultant anaesthetist with a special interest in pain management, who is able to offer advice on treatment or further investigation where necessary. Treatment may then include:

Pain interventions (eg nerve blocks)
Medication review
Or referral for:

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
Psychological therapy including cognitive-behaviour therapy
Alexander Technique teaching
Outpatient Pain Management Group programmes

  • “I feel more in control now”. Patient
  • “If it wasn’t for coming to the pain clinic I would be another unemployment statistic by now” Patient
  • “…this course – it would have given me more of a life years ago!” Patient
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