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Bowel or Colorectal – including colon & rectum


  • Surgery is undertaken at Kingston Hospital
  • Chemotherapy is delivered in the Sir William Rous Unit, Kingston Hospital within the Royal Marsden Medical Day Unit
  • Radiotherapy is provided at the Royal Marsden Hospital (Fulham or Sutton)

For more information about different types of Bowel cancer and treatment please see the links at the bottom of this page.


Holistic Needs Assessment ( HNA)

People with cancer often require care, support and information in addition to the management of their cancer or condition.

A holistic needs assessment is a discussion with a doctor or nurse to talk about physical, emotional and social needs. The focus is on the patient as a whole – not just their illness. A doctor or nurse will gather information from the patient, however much they would like to share about their current situation. This is an opportunity for them to talk about any worries or concerns they may have. It will help to clarify their needs and ensure that they are referred to the relevant services.

In order to prepare for this discussion, patients may be asked to complete a questionnaire to bring to their next consultation. This is not compulsory and not having this assessment will not affect their care. However, many patients find having an assessment helpful as it can help to identify what help is available.

It may be offered at certain times during care, including:

  • Around the time of diagnosis or start of treatment

  • The end of treatment – when surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy has been completed

  • Any time the patient asks for one

It may be carried out over the phone.

With the patient's agreement the doctor or nurse carrying out the assessment may refer them to other services that may be of help. Alternatively, if preferred, written information can be given about these services.

Consultant Surgeons - specialising in colorectal cancer surgery

  • Mr Ian Bloom - 0208 934 6041 - option 2
  • Mr Adrian Fawcett - 0208 934 6041 - option 2
  • Mr Michael Jarrett - 0208 934 6041 - option 2
  • Ms Vera Tudyka - 0208 934 6045
  • Mr Glen Husada - 0208 934 6045

Consultant Medical Oncologist, based at the Royal Marsden Hospital

Dr Sheela Rao

0208 934 3061 - Kingston Hospital

0208 661 3159 - Royal Marsden Hospital

Consultant Clinical Oncologist, based at the Royal Marsden Hospital

Dr Katharine Aitken - 0208 661 3664 - Royal Marsden Hospital

Consultant Radiologist - Dr Sarah Evans

Consultant Histopathologist - Dr Sussan Gharaie

Colorectal Nurse Specialists - Carolyn Burke (Cancer CNS) , Louisa Heliard (Cancer & Stoma Care CNS) - 0208 934 3069

Ami Palmer - Stoma Care CNS - 0208 934 2251


Further Support/Charities

Beating Bowel Cancer - 020 8973 0000,

Bowel Cancer UK -

Colostomy Association - 0800 328 4257,

Macmillan Cancer Support -







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