Health and wellbeing after cancer treatment

Eating healthily

This helps your recovery and gives you more energy. It can also help to keep your weight healthy. If your cancer treatment has caused eating problems, follow the advice of your cancer team or dietitian.

Health and wellbeing after cancer treatment – Kingston Hospital

Eating problems – Macmillan Cancer Support

Eating well and keeping active – Macmillan Cancer Support

Our Macmillan dietician here at Kingston hospital holds regular talks about eating healthily.

Symptoms to look for

When your treatment has finished, it is common to worry that every ache and pain you have is linked to cancer. You will still be getting used to what now feels normal for you. You will also get the usual aches and pains that most people get. This means it can be hard to know what you need to pay attention to. If you know your body and what is normal for you, it will help you to be aware of any changes. Ask your cancer team about:

  • any symptoms you should look out for
  • possible late effects that may develop due to your treatment
  • what the symptoms are.

Always make sure you get your symptoms checked, even if you think they are not serious. Inform your cancer doctor or nurse if you have any new symptoms, or similar symptoms to those you had when you were diagnosed. You do not have to wait until your next follow-up (check-up) appointment. Your GP can check your symptoms and refer you for advice if needed.

Lifestyle and well-being after treatment – Macmillan Cancer Support

Physical activity

Physical activity is any type of exercise or movement that uses your muscles. This includes everyday activities such as walking, housework and gardening. Any type of activity will help maintain or improve your fitness, health and well-being.

You can do simple everyday activities such as gardening or walking up and down the stairs or more energetic ones such as digging in the garden or going for a run

Being active before, during and after treatment is safe .

More information on exercise and how much or where to do  it can be found at :

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You can view videos on Personalised cancer care, the physical and the emotional effects of cancer at

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