Same Day Emergency Care Unit


SDEC Unit,
Ground Floor,
Emergency Department,
Kingston Hospital

About Us

What is Same Day Emergency Care? (SDEC)

  • SDEC is part of the NHS Long Term Plan and the national SDEC model builds on previous improvement work in ambulatory emergency care (AEC) services across the NHS, with the aim of providing a consistent approach to patient pathways.
  • SDEC is the provision of same day emergency care to patients who would otherwise be admitted to hospital.
  • SDEC service means patients are rapidly assessed, diagnosed and treated without the need for a hospital admission.
  • It provides direct access to some specialities and may avoid the need for you to return to the hospital for an outpatient appointment.
  • It will potentially reduce the number of clinicians you will see.
  • It means patients that have seen a GP already do not need to be seen by the A&E team but can be seen by the right clinician first time.

Who Works in SDEC ?

  • SDEC is staffed with four major services involved in treating patients with emergency presentations:
    • A&E
    • Acute Medicine
    • Surgery
    • Elderly Care
  • Both junior and senior nurses will be there to look after you and ensure your care needs are met in a timely manner.
  • Doctors, ACP (Advanced Clinical Pracitioners), Nurses,  Occupational Therapists and Physiotherpaists are all part fo the wider team.

What will happen to me in SDEC?

  • Invetigations such as bloods and Electrocardiogram (ECG) may be completed by the nursing team as well as observations such as blood pressure.
  • You will be seen by a senior clinical decision maker (Doctor or ACP) who will assess your needs and make a treatment plan.
  • Treatments such as Intravanous (IV) medication, additional diagostics and scans and phyiscal examianiation may be carried out.
  • Patients will either then be discharged home to continue care under their GP, be admitted for further treatment or investigations or  be asked to return to the unit the next day for further assessment and treatement.

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