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The physiotherapy team provides assessment and rehabilitation for inpatients and outpatients at Kingston Hospital.

Following a comprehensive assessment, a physiotherapy treatment often includes education, advice and exercise prescription to maximise independence and self-management. Other, more specific forms of treatment may be offered, depending on the needs of the individual patient.


The Outpatient team consists of the following sub-specialties:

Adult musculoskeletal

This service accepts referrals from Kingston Hospital Consultants and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Practitioners. Most referrals come from Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, and the Emergency Department. This service helps people who have had an injury, which may, or may not have required surgery, as well as those who have neuromuscuolskeletal problems not associated with an acute injury. Patients will either receive 1:1 treatment, and/or be referred into an appropriate class

Paediatric musculoskeletal

In this service, children and young people (usually of school age and up to the age of 18) are seen for a variety of conditions, including rehabilitation following trauma, fractures and soft tissue injuries, as well as for the assessment and management of specific or generalised musculoskeletal pain.


The specialist neurological physiotherapists provide a comprehensive physiotherapy out-patient service for the management of a wide variety of neurological conditions, including: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and balance disorders. They accept referrals from Kingston Hospital Consultants

Pelvic Health

This team provide physiotherapy support to:

  • Ante-natal woman who are booked to have their baby at Kingston Hospital. Referrals for this group are accepted from the midwife, GP, or Consultant
  • Post-natal women who have had their baby at Kingston Hospital less than 6 weeks previously and the referral may be made by the midwife , GP or Consultant
  • Men and Women with Urological problems, referred by the Kingston Hospital Consultant
  • A specific group of post partum women who had significant perineal trauma. Referral is made by the midwife


There is a respiratory physiotherapy outpatient clinic for patients needing help with sputum clearance or altered breathing patterns. Patients need to be referred by the Respiratory Consultant.

Additional Information

Breast Class – there is a pre and post operative exercise class for any patients who have undergone breast surgery. Please speak to your breast care nurse if you would like to attend (This is currently on hold due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation. Your breast care nurse will keep you updated and informed of alternative options)

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Practitioners work in the Orthopaedic Department to provide a specialist assessment and triage service to an appropriate group of patients with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, who are referred into secondary care by local GPs.


The inpatient service provides expert physiotherapy assessment, treatment and advice for all inpatients that require physiotherapy to facilitate recovery following acute illness or surgery and to facilitate discharge home or onward referral for rehabilitation.

We offer expert inpatient physiotherapy services within all specialty areas in the hospital. Our physiotherapists are allocated to specific wards and attend the RAG meetings and multidisciplinary team meetings to assist our medical teams in the planning of on-going care.

Inpatient Specialty areas include :


Non-invasive Ventilation

Care of the elderly



Critical Care




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Patient Contact Information – 0208 934 2510

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