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  1. What is an Orthoptist? We are specialist in eye movement disorders. We assess and manage adults and children with strabismus (eye turn) amblyopia (childhood lazy eye), diplopia (double vision)
  2. What do Orthoptist do? Monitor visual development in children (including glasses and eye patches), diagnose and monitor strabismus (eye turn)
  3. Ophthalmologist
  4. Nurse is the website from the British and Irish Orthoptic Society that patients are free to access. It is currently undergoing refurbishment but the plan would be for useful info to be housed there and links for patients and info to societies that patients can use.

Missed appointments – if you are unable to keep your appointment please let us know so it can be given to another patient.

Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) a service provided by the Royal Eye Unit in collaboration with the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). Sabeena is able to provide:

  1. Practical tips for children: covering things such as staying safe, managing money, technology and assistive technology
  2. Emotional support: covers discussing visual impairment with a Child (Tough Talk Booklet), being an advocate for the child’s needs and recognising limitation but at the same time allowing children to explore and flourish so they find these things out for themselves.
  3. Practical support: covers knowing about the child’s visual impairment, how I may change throughout the day
  4. Referral onto local authority rehabilitation services such as mobility and daily living, referral for qualified teacher of the visually impaired support, obtaining an educational health care plans (EHCP)
  5. Referral to RNIB services such as library, LWSL (living with sight loss- a confidence building course), sight loss counselling for patients and families and welfare rights
  6. Referral to other organisations such as guide dog children’s services, specialised family officers or charity relevant to the child’s eye condition such as nystagmus network, RP, fighting blindness, albinism fellowship

Paediatric Ophthalmology Information Leaflets

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