Hysteroscopy Service


Level 6
Esher Wing
Kingston Hospital
Galsworthy Road
Surrey KY2 7QB

Parking and directions: https://kingstonhospital.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/outpatients/find-us/

About Us

We treat women with irregular or heavy periods, or those who require investigation of the cavity of the womb or its lining. Patients are referred to us by the Gynaecology Clinic.

You will be referred to us for one of the following reasons:

  • Abnormal bleeding from the womb
  • A scan showing suspected polyps or fibroids
  • A fertility or recurrent miscarriage problem
  • A need to be assessed for a surgical procedure through hysteroscopy
  • To obtain a biopsy (small sample)
  • To fit or remove a coil

We aim to see you as soon as possible, usually within six weeks of referral.

When you arrive, you will meet one of our consultants and one of our dedicated gynaecology nursing staff.

The procedure itself lasts only a few minutes. You may experience some discomfort, or period-like cramps, so you should take a simple painkiller (paracetamol or ibuprofen) beforehand.

Contact Us

Tel: 020 8546 7711 ext 2463
020 8934 6303

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