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About Us

We offer comprehensive outpatient services at The Royal Eye Unit, a purpose-built facility with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment. The unit also provides eye surgery, including cataracts and laser treatments.


Eye emergency clinic at Kingston Hospital’s Royal Eye Unit
Our eye emergency clinic in the Royal Eye Unit has now reopened following essential maintenance and renovation, to create more space and to improve the experience for our patients.

The walk-in eye casualty service at Kingston Hospital has been replaced with a booked appointment system. If you have an urgent eye problem, please phone 020 8934 6799 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm) so that we can book an appointment for you or signpost you to the most appropriate service for your requirements.

If you have an urgent eye problem outside of the hours of Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm, please call NHS 111.

Changes to low vision aid and contact lens services (June 2023)
Kingston Hospital previously used an external company to provide a low vision aids and specialist hospital contact lens service. Unfortunately, this company informed us that they are no longer able to provide the service and we are now working to bring this in house.

If your lens prescription has expired or you are experiencing any kind of discomfort with your existing lens, please contact us. In some cases, we will arrange referral to the Moorfields Eye Centre at St George’s Hospital.

If you no longer require the contact lens or low vision aid service or if you have identified a more local service and would like us to refer you there, please let us know as this will help us to better deliver these services in the future.

Future plans:
We have appointed a Contact Lens Optometrist who, following a period of specialist training, will be able to resume appointments in approximately four months’ time.

Once the service is ready to start, all patients will be prioritised and seen in order of clinical need. At your next appointment, these are the things you will need:

• A copy of an in-date sight test undertaken by a high street optometrist. A sight test is normally valid for two years unless an early recall has been requested by your optometrist – please speak to them if you are unsure. This sight test is a legal requirement when prescribing specialist contact lenses.

• Proof of exemption from prescription fees if this applies to you.

After your appointment, payment will need to be made (if applicable) before orders are placed and you will need to collect these from the Royal Eye Unit at Kingston Hospital.

If you have already been referred to Moorfields, your care will continue with them, and we will write to you when we are able to resume your appointments at Kingston.

We continue to seek a suitably skilled Optometrist for our low vision aid service. In the interim, our Eye Clinic Liaison Officer will continue to provide support.

For any queries relating to these services, please contact the Ophthalmology Administration team on 020 8934 6404 or email khft.reuhelpdesk1@nhs.net.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience. We are working hard to re-establish these services as soon as possible and will continue to keep patents informed by letter, as the services become available again.

Our services include:

  • Medical retina: Treating conditions at the back of the eye, including inflammation
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration: A rapid-access, one-stop clinic for assessment and treatment
  • Vitro retinal: Treating conditions at the back of the eye that need surgery
  • Glaucoma: Assessment and treatment
  • Paediatrics: Children’s eye care
  • Adult motility: Treating problems with eye movement, misalignment and double vision.
  • Oculoplastics: Treating the tissues around the eye
  • Cataracts: A one-stop assessment clinic
  • General: Treating conditions that may need referrals to specialists
  • Cornea: Treating conditions relating to the outside of the eye
  • Low Vision Assessment
  • Contact Lenses: Prescription and fitting
  • Ophthalmic surgery: A comprehensive range of eye operations

Primary Care Services
If you are older than 5 years old and are registered with either a Richmond or Kingston GP practice you maybe sign posted to a local optician who offers consultation on a range of minor eye conditions. This service is known as MECS (minor eye conditions services). Find out more.

If you are any age and are registered with a neighbouring Merton & Wandsworth GP practice you may be sign posted to a local optician who provide a minor eye conditions service (MECS). Find out more.

Out of hours
If you have an urgent eye problem out of hours, please contact your local accident and emergency department. Thank you for your co-operation

Your optician or GP can refer you to our clinic, where appointments are held on Monday to Friday between 8.15am and 5pm.

Raynes Park Outpatient Clinic
We run glaucoma and medical retinal clinics at Raynes park Health Centre. You can speak to us there on 020 8973 5060.

Laser Clinics
Please contact your optician or GP to be referred for an appointment at the Royal Eye Unit on Monday to Friday between 8.15am and 5pm.

Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES) – PES and CCG letter

Urgent Eyecare Services – Poster 1
Urgent Eyecare Services – Poster 2

Eye Theatre
For appointment enquiries or to change an appointment please call 020 8934 6404.

Office Opening Hours
Our office hours are 9.00am-5.00pm. To contact the Eye Unit please call 020 8934 6404.

Patient feedback
“I called the Royal Eye Unit this morning, was given an appointment straight away. Was in and out within 90 minutes which included seeing a nurse, a technician for a scan and a doctor and the whole time I felt so safe and every member of staff was so cheerful and happy to help.”

Contact Us

Tel: 020 8934 6404


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