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About Us

Welcome to Occupational Therapy 

Occupational Therapy aims to improve the patient’s independence in all activities of daily living (home, work, leisure and self-care). An Occupational Therapist supports people to overcome barriers caused by physical and/or psychological conditions to enable them to engage in activities and occupations that matter to them.

Occupational Therapists will complete an assessment of a person’s functional ability that will contribute to the multidisciplinary description of a person and their ongoing rehabilitation and support needs. The Occupational Therapist will consider how the person’s environment, physical and psychological ability impacts on their independence and safety. The Occupational Therapist will then make recommendations based on research evidence and clinical guidelines that are aimed at promoting independence, safety and engagement.

Our Vision Statement:

Occupational Therapy at Kingston Hospital is a therapeutic discipline that aims to provide individualised, goal-orientated interventions that promote health and welling-being through participation in chosen occupations.

Our Values:

Caring: We will listen and act in a holistic manner so that you and your significant others are empowered to make decisions that will influence your health and wellbeing.

Safe: We ensure safe principles and practice for staff and service users guided by evidence-based practice, which is supported by local and national legislation, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Responsible: We aim to provide the best service through team working, transparency and accountability

Value Each Other: We aim to provide client centred care by promoting a positive working culture amongst staff and service users through collaborative working, acknowledging interdisciplinary team efforts, respecting differences and facilitating opportunities for progression

Inspiring: Moving forward through creative and innovative practice, we continue to strive towards professional excellence. This is achieved by leading by example, continuously learning, embracing change and thinking outside of the box.

Inpatient Services 

Our inpatient team of Occupational Therapists support patients who are currently admitted to Kingston Hospital and who are experiencing functional difficulties following an acute episode of ill health.  We work collaboratively with other members of the multidisciplinary team to ensure best outcomes for patients when they are ready to leave the hospital.

Occupational Therapy intervention may include:

  • Interviews with the patient and/or relevant others to gather information about the patient’s home environment and pre-admission ability and support.
  • Assessment of level of functioning on ward and/or in the home.
  • Recommendations to promote independence and safety, this may include but not limited to: functional practice, equipment and aids to make performance possible or easier, advice on strategies to support independence and safety.
  • Information on or liaison with/referral to community/ rehabilitation services as indicated to meet the ongoing needs of the patient.
  • Access visits and/or home assessments based on the functional needs of the patient as indicated through the assessment process.

Areas of function that Occupational Therapists can look at include:

  • Mobility including falls risks
  • Managing stairs
  • Transfers –  for example getting from bed to a chair or into a bath or shower
  • Personal care such as showering, washing, dressing and grooming
  • Domestic tasks such as cooking or cleaning
  • Work and productive roles and activities
  • Parenting and caring roles and responsibilities
  • Community access
  • Cognition, behaviour and perception.

Please note that the above lists are not intended to be prescriptive and that any assessment and subsequent intervention is individualised based on the patient’s unique functional needs during their admission.

Clinical areas of speciality include:

  • Cancer and Palliative Care
  • General Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Respiratory
  • Surgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Care of the Elderly and Frailty
  • Acute Stroke Service
  • Admission Avoidance

Unfortunately we are unable to assist those already in the community. Therefore if you believe you require Occupational Therapy input, please contact your GP in the first instance who can refer you to the appropriate service within your local borough.

Additionally we are unable to accept equipment returns. Equipment issued by Kingston Hospital is done so on behalf of our community partners and therefore it is recommended you contact the equipment provider to arrange any returns.

  • Kingston & Surrey – Millbrook 0330 124 1247
  • Richmond – Medequip 0208 750 1580
  • Wandsworth – Medequip 0207 231 6816
  • Merton – Uniqus 0208 664 8860

Outpatient Services 

Our outpatient team is dedicated to providing specialist hand therapy service for adults and paediatrics. We manage patients with a variety of hand injuries and chronic conditions.

Hand Therapy intervention may include:

  • Thermoplastic splints
  • Exercise programmes
  • Scar or oedema management (depending on the condition)

Through the rehabilitation process we aim to return patients to their optimum function.

Referral Process:

Our referrals come from a variety of clinical sources which include GP practices, Consultants and other hospitals if the patient is local to the Kingston locality.

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