Inpatient Pain Management Service


Kingston Hospital
Galsworthy Road
Surrey KY2 7QB

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About Us

This service is a key part of our commitment to deliver high quality care. All inpatients have their pain assessed on admission and during their stay, and we carry out timely and effective pain relief.

You can be referred to us by your medical team via the anaesthetic department on extension 2272 / 2274.

We treat patients who:

  • Require additional and specialist post-operative pain control methods
  • Suffer persistent and unrelieved pain associated with surgery or trauma
  • Patients who have acute or chronic complex pain conditions
  • Are undergoing a medical procedure and need pre-emptive pain relief

We provide general pain management advice about medication and can be called upon to solve problems that arise.

Patients are provided with an information booklet to help them and their carers work together to manage their pain.

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