Maxwell Thorne Haematology Day Care Unit
Level 2, William Rous Unit
Kingston Hospital

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About Us

There are three main types of cancer that affect the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system:

  • Leukaemia (acute and chronic)
  • Lymphoma
  • Myeloma

We offer a comprehensive diagnostic service including lymph node biopsies, bone marrow biopsies and specialist scanning. In some cases you may need to travel to another cancer centre such as St George’s or the Royal Marsden.

Your treatment will depend on what type of cancer you have, your health and how advanced and aggressive the disease is. You may need to have chemotherapy, radiotherapy or stem cell transplants.

Our team consists of four haemato-oncology consultants and a dedicated senior haematology pharmacist. Your care will be co-ordinated with the support of a clinical nurse specialist.

We are supported by a radiologist, histopathologist, palliative care nurse and counselling service.

Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA)

If you have cancer, you often need care, support and information above and beyond the management of your condition.

At a holistic needs assessment, a doctor or nurse will discuss your physical, emotional and social needs. It’s about you as a whole, not just your illness.

This is a chance for you to share as much as you want about your worries and concerns. It will help us to clarify your needs and make sure you are referred to the relevant services.

It’s not compulsory, and if you decide not to have an HNA it won’t affect your care. But many patients find it useful because it identifies what help is available – and the doctor or nurse carrying it out can refer you to other services.

An HNA may be offered:

  • Around the time of diagnosis or start of treatment
  • When surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy has been completed
  • Any time a patient asks for one

Health and Wellbeing


·     Macmillan cancer support

·     Kingston Hospital Macmillan support

·    Cancer Counselling service

·     Emotional /anxiety:

·     Cancer Care Map

·     Maggie’s at The Royal Marsden

Support Groups

The Willow Tree Foundation 

Willowtones Choir 

The Willow Tree Funding information 

The Willow Tree Facebook Group 

Contact Us

Tel: 020 8934 3515 / 2032
Haematology Day Unit: 020 8934 2999

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